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As per The terms of reference (TOR), the assignment was conducted in eight phases with evaluation at the end of each phase as given below.

The study was started by a visit by SECSD team to Dar Es Salaam and discussions with IBRD/ ESMAP and TANESCo. The potential areas of study were fixed as Arusha in Kilimanjaro region, Kigoma in Kigoma region, Tunduru in Ruvuma region and Mpanda in Rukwa region. SECSD collected copies of reports by earlier consultants for commencing the study in India. A large number of topographic sheets were also procured. Counterparts for the study were also fixed by TANESCo. The regional capitals  were visited and field trips were undertaken to the sites identified by the earlier consultants.
After visit to sites formulated in the previous proposals, these  were evaluated for cost effectiveness  and computerize drawings for hydrology and initiating planning  were prepared.  As the previous proposals were not found to be cost effective, revised planning with modifications to existing sites in some regions and planning for new sites in others was done.
Additional investigations to confirm revised proposals by SECSD with topographic details, geology, discharge data extracted from previous reports suitable to revised sites was prepared. Pre feasibility reports were prepared and submitted for review by ESMAP and TANESCo. These reports had salient features of previous consultants planning and SECSD modifications to these proposals, computerized designs, drawings, hydrology with power study, description of civil structures, electromechanical equipment specifications, cost estimates, economic and financial analysis with conclusions. 
Tanzania counterpart Team (2 persons)  visited our office in India to familiarize with our computerized approach to designs and drawings. The team also examined the the reports of phase 6 during their 3 week stay and their comments were incorporated. The final pre pre-feasibility reports suitable for International competitive bid and also for preparation of a RFP package were prepared and submitted. Both IBRD and TANESCo cleared the reports.

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