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(1) All regions considered in this study are endowed with perennial streams and rivers with many potential sites suitable for economically developing hydropower projects upto small scale (10 MW).

(2) To meet the load demand in the short term from these sources would necessarily require that effort and time spent on the stages in a conventional approach to hydropower such as planning, investigations, design and tendering is kept to a minimum so that implementation can commence quickly, and the design be simplified such that the construction period is limited to one or two years.
(3) The towns/regions referred to SECSD and the study methodology adapted come under two categories.  In the first category are the potential schemes in the region which have already been investigated to feasibility stage by TANESCO and other agencies, but have not been implemented due to various factors such as high cost and non availability of financing.
(4) SECSD found that these existing studies need to be updated by improving the planning, layout and design approach so as to minimize the implementation cost and construction period. To see some of the factors contributing to high estimated cost, see the link below.

(5) Due to the above aspects, the projects provided only marginal economic and financial benefits. Most of the estimated costs of such candidate projects in these regions ranged from about US$3000 to 8000 per kW rendering the sites rather uneconomical for development as originally planned. Hence the planning and layout have been revised to considerably reduce implementation cost and period.
(6) In the second category are sites which have been identified on the basis of concentrated drops or steep gradients in the river bed with only basic data and studies for such sites. During reconnaissance of these potential sites, it was found that these sites were not suitable for justifying expenditure on further studies leading to implementation.
  (7) In such category -2 cases new sites have been identified and a pre investment report prepared.

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