Eliminating By-Pass Channel for Canal Drop Schemes

Project: Kilara Cauvery Canal System Capacity: 2 x 650 kW
Click to Go Back State: Karnataka Energy:  5.8 GWh/year
The revised layout is intended to eliminate the use of a separate by-pass or diversion channel. The existing canal would be used as the water conveyance structure. The equipment would be installed immediately downstream of the canal drop and a simple by pass arrangement would be incorporated at the intake structure.
Two alternatives to the original layout proposed by KPCL  were prepared:

(i) With a by-pass channel, but with the powerhouse relocated from the beginning to the end of the channel; and

(ii) Without the by-pass, using a 200 meter long pre-cast concrete conduit which would be laid along the sidewall of the existing canal. The estimated savings are as follows.

Civil Works Component

Estimated Costs in 
(Rs. million)

  With By-Pass Channel Without By-Pass Channel
Gates 1.0 -
lntake 1.0 0.7
Channel 5.9 -
Penstock - 5.1
Powerhouse 0.5 0.7
Tailrace - 0.1
Miscellaneous 2.5 0.7
Total 10.9 7.3

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