Terms of Reference and Objectives

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The main object of the pre-investment study was to review the design and economics of a series of irrigation based mini hydro schemes investigated upto pre feasibility stage by various SEBs in the southern states of India. The main  tasks assigned to the consultants are listed below:

(1) Assessment of  the technical and economic feasibility of developing about 20 schemes in each state especially those already investigated to pre feasibility stage by the SEBs. (2) Critical evaluation of  the cost effectiveness of engineering designs and specifications that were proposed by the SEBs.
(3) Redesign of the layout and parameters of each scheme to maximize the annual energy production per unit investment and to determine the minimum infrastructure and equipment required to establish each scheme. (4) Update  and revision of  the estimates of the capital costs of developing the schemes
(5) Evaluation of  the economic and financial viability of each scheme to provide energy and voltage support to the power grid in the respective areas (6) Exploring the possibility of achieving full cost recovery on all phases of mini hydro development to SEBs
(7) Open up participation by IPPs for development of schemes  and evaluate the financial returns that they will realize by developing the schemes as an alternative source of captive power. (8) Preparation of  a comprehensive report which would define technical concepts and design methodology used for the study and the relative costs/benefits of the proposed program
(9) Estimate Investment requirements at state level and financial impact on the states.  

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