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The reports are available for download from The World Bank's website. Click the links below to download.

The contents of the reports are given below.

Volume I - Main report

Executive Summary

This volume covers purpose of study, structure of report, background, objectives, prospects studied, design approach, evaluation of schemes and mini hydro demonstration program.

Chapter-1: Introduction

Introduction to the pre-investment study, review of the objectives and scope of the study. Brief overview of the irrigation based mini-hydro prospects in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Punjab.

Chapter-2: Conceptual Design and Standardization

Overview, Preliminary analysis and design, Methodology for conceptual design of the mini hydro schemes and  standardization of equipment specifications 

Chapter-3: Design and Costing of Facilities

Elaboration of the main considerations used to streamline the layout of civil works and electrical switching and protection systems together with a summary of capital cost estimates for each scheme.

Chapter-4: Economic Evaluation of Prospective Schemes

Evaluation of the economic viability of each mini hydro scheme. The results are presented as Economic Internal rates of return, and the net present values at 12% discount rate.

Chapter-5: Financial Evaluation

Evaluation of the financial impact of the schemes on each state, assuming that "cost centers" would be established by SEBs and the goal would be to achieve economic cost recovery. Also, the rate of return on equity is evaluated for private companies that would acquire leases to develop captive power operation based on some of the mini hydro prospects.

Volume II - Technical Supplement

This volume contains the Flow duration, energy curves, original layout of schemes by SEBs, new modified layout proposed for cost effectiveness and comparison with SEB layout, electrical and switching system and grid interconnection arrangements for each scheme and photographs.

Volume III - Cost Estimates

This volume contains the breakdown of the Cost estimates using World Bank's COSTAB and COSTBEN software for each scheme.

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