Phase:1 Preliminary Evaluation of Proposals

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Collection of available material on schemes including reports and mobilising.


The members of ESMAP team visited all five states to collect and review site specific data and SEB proposals for each scheme to verify irrigation discharge data with irrigation authorities, and to inspect the prospective mini hydro sites. After verifying the accuracy of the pertinent data to establish key design parameters, each of the SEB proposals were critically examined and compared to alternative layouts and turbine generator configurations.

Discussions with senior officials of SEBs for setting up Mini Hydro Cost Centers: which are proposed due to persistent financial problems of SEBs and hence to segregate the mini-hydro schemes to prove that they could be executed and managed by SEBs and provide a positive cash flow.


Update the capital cost estimates for each scheme based on revised designs for civil  structures, electro-mechanical equipment, electrical protection and control systems, and grid-tie arrangements.

Re-evaluate the economics of the prospective schemes which take into account their role in providing energy and voltage support to remote parts of the grids in districts of the respective states.

Financial impact of schemes on states to establish minimum cash flow requirements for sustaining the cost-centers.

Financial attractiveness of schemes to private sector companies given the conditions stipulated in recent lease agreements and determining rate of return on equity.

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