Pre Investment Study on Irrigation Canals and Dams of India

Country: India States: Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Punjab Capacity: 131 MW
Year:  Client: Joint UNDP/ESMAP Energy: 600GWh
This Pre Investment study was initiated by World Bank in response to a request by Government of India.

The assignment  involved review of the design and economics of a series of irrigation based mini hydro schemes in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala and Punjab. Techno economic concepts  were applied to improve the designs proposed  by SEBs, minimize investment requirements and thereby enhance the economic merits of the schemes. The scope also included the economic and financial evaluation of the prospective schemes and development of a comprehensive pre-investment report.

The results of this assignment were translated into a viable and cost effective approach to develop the mini hydro potential that is associated with India's vast network of surface irrigation infrastructure and to  increase the contribution of such low cost and environmentally benign schemes to the overall strategy to reduce power supply deficits and improve service quality in outlying and rural parts of the grid. 

The findings and recommendations were accepted by The Government of India. The World Bank, on the basis of guidelines recommended by this study, released an amount of USD 142 Million to Government of India for implementation. 


KARNATAKA 18 7/11 37,700 170.0 21.89 580 2.45
ANDHRA PRADESH 8 1/7 19,500 95.3 14.71 754 2.73
TAMIL NADU 7 7/0 24,800 81.5 10.06 406 2.17
KERALA 7 7/0 26,600 120.0 11.31 425 1.62
PUNJAB 12 0/12 22,200 133.0 24.77 1115 2.85
TOTAL 52   130,800 599.8 82.74 656 2.36


Under the new generation policy of the GOI, the schemes were handed over to the private sector for implementation.

Presently various IPPs have access to these funds via the Indian Renewable Energy Development Authority IREDA. Some of the schemes have been commissioned and many are in various stages of construction  


Over fifty five mini hydro prospects with potential of 131MW and 600GWh located in  the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Kerala and Punjab were covered. The range comprised eighteen sites at existing irrigation dams, three sites at diversion weirs and barrages, thirty sites on ten branch irrigation canals with twenty two which could be developed as a cluster. Over ten schemes had a capacity greater than 3MW. Each of these prospective schemes were examined in  detail so as to make them cost effective by reducing civil works and by applying the concept of standardization in selecting electro mechanical equipment from various alternatives.


The assignment was executed in three phases and  presented in a three volume report entitled India -Mini Hydro Development on Irrigation Dams and Canal Drops - Pre-Investment study. The report also included  case studies on seven schemes BrindavanGuntur, Lower Bhavani, Kilara, Kuttiyadi, Maddur and Sathanur which illustrate the formulation and application of cost effective revised layouts in addition to  Cost Estimates, Economic and Financial Evaluation, establishment of cost centers by SEB's and return on equity for private investors.


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