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This assignment was initiated as a result of an initial review of India's non conventional energy program by The World Bank which  concluded that all  basic prerequisites for economically viable mini hydropower generation exist at sites in India that are associated with irrigation water storage and distribution infrastructure.
Sirwar 1 x1000 2.771 2771
Kalmala 1 x 400 1.899 4747
Ganekal 1 x 350 0.966 2760
Mallarpur 2 x 4500 12.067 1340
L.Bhavani 4 x 2000 11.592 1449
Vaigai 2 x 3000 7.827 1304
Pykara 1 x 2000 3.860 1930
Peppara 1 x 3000 3.167 1055
Madupatti 1 x 2000 1.855 927
Chimoni 1 x 2500 2.011 804


Cluster 1 3 x 220 0.698 1057
Cluster 2  3 x 220 0.732 1109
Cluster 3 3 x 220 0.804 1218
Despite the findings of the initial review there was a doubt within GOI about the economic viability of irrigation based mini hydro schemes due to very high costs incurred by SEBs in developing the initial set of pilot projects given in the adjacent table. 

The Government of India hence requested The World Bank to assist further in critically evaluating proposals for the Eighth Five Year Plan (1990-95) and if warranted by the findings to address comprehensively the pre-investment requirements for a multi-scheme investment program for consideration by international and/or domestic financial institutions. The Government of Switzerland provided funding for this activity to ESMAP. 

The World Bank commissioned the Director's (A.S.Chelvaraj - Hydropower Expert) and A.C.Sivaguru - Resarcher) as their consultants to work in co operation with various State Electricity Boards, Irrigation authorities and an ESMAP team.  The Terms of Reference and Responsibilities included assessing the various schemes, redesigning the layouts for cost effectiveness, fixing installed capacities, cost estimates and transmission line routing. The pre investment study brought out the reasons for the high costs incurred by SEBs in developing the pilot schemes and effectively demonstrated how to achieve reduction  by applying cost effective approach to design of civil works and selection of equipment. SECSD in 1995 reviewed and revised the report with computerized designs, layout drawings and supply of hardware and software for demonstration.

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