Country: Fiji State:  Capacity:  MW
Year:  Client: Government of Fiji through CWPC  Energy:  GWh

The assignment was initially executed by A.S.Chelvaraj as Deputy Director, Central Water Commission, Government of India deputed to Fiji in 1976 as an expert for preparing preliminary designs and detailed investigations under COLOMBO plan. The final report recommended by Government of India was approved by the Fijian Government.

The study covered electrification through micro hydro for four outer islands (Koro, Ngau, Kandavu and Moala. These islands were reconnoitred and schemes finalised on Waimboteingau  and Waisomo rivers on Ngau island (3 x 50kW), Waikantau  on Kandavu island (3 x 50kW),  Namburu and Matanalevu rivers on Koro island (4 x 50kW) and Nakorovusa and Tambani rivers on Moala island (3 x 50kW). 

The designs for these projects involved a total of six diversion weirs, 15,000 ft of power channels, 10,000ft of power conduit, 2500ft of penstock and four power stations each having an installed capacity of 200kW (initial) and 450kW (ultimate).

The power will be beneficial for development of Agriculture, fishing, forestry, Mining, Tourism, and Communication sectors as well as for  Coummunity services. The expected industries which may develop subsequently are Copra drying, oil production, sea shell mining, poultry grit, Cold storage, fruit canning, sawmills, Vegetable canning and stone crushing.

The 1977 reports were reviewed by SECSD as a research effort and the drawings  computerized through CADD and recast so that the prospective industries develop on UNIDO approach. It is now considered appropriate for a pre investment level report suitable for private participation.

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